Family ballet


1 hour 15 minutes, one intermission

Ticket price:

700 - 2500 rubles




A new dance performance of The Theatre Ballet Moscow is based on two favorite among many generations books. One of them was published 120 years ago by American writer Lyman Frank Baum and named ‘The Amazing Wizard of Oz’. Аnother one is a fairytale ‘The Wizard of the Emerald City’ of Russian author Alexander Volkov. The main character of the last one is a little girl Ellie.
How to tell this story at the theatre today? How to involve modern young spectators into the world of adventures and different challenges? This difficult task is easily solved by choreographers of our theater Anastasia Kadruleva and Artem Ignatiev. They turn Ellie’s journey into levels of computer game and into the quest you should going through with your family.
Contemporary dance combined with music and multimedia immerses spectators into an atmosphere of virtual space on the stage. The kind girl Ellie is not afraid of difficulties on her way to home. She meets new friends and tries to help them. Here she learns to be strong, kind and caring.

Choreography: A. KadrulevaA. Ignatiev 
Composer: Murat Kabardokov
Artist: Dmitry Razumov
Video artist: Mikhail Zaikanov

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