Сontemporary ballet on music by modern composers


1 hour 30 minutes, one intermission

Ticket price:

1000-3000 rubles





“Ballet Moskva” and сontemporary Russian choreographers Kirill Simonov, Anastasia Kadruleva and Artem Ignatiev continue to work together. After triumphal neoclassical ballet «Four seasons» staged in February of 2013, creative team presents a new work – two one-act ballets with music of prominent modern Russian composers –Pavel Karmanov and Alexey Aigui.

I part
Music: “Second snow on the stadium” and «Spring in January” by Pavel Karmanov
Choreography: Kirill Simonov

In his new work choreographer Kirill Simonov refers to the ancient Greek myth about Medea – argonaut Yason’s wife Medea who has killed their own children, having learned about her husband’s infidelity.

Simonov ‘s ballet is a story about a woman whose love, family, happiness — virtually everything is in the past. Children have grown up and left her, the husband has found a young mistress, even Medea’s once young and beautiful body has betrayed her becoming old and wrinkled.

Looking back at her life, she suddenly understands – everything she had was just a myth, a fairy tale built with her own hands. And now this creation of her hands is broken into bits of the dreams that never came true. She doesn’t give up though and tries to gather the former victories, abandoned pleasures and unfortunate happiness hoping to recreate her fate.

II part
Music and live performance: Alexey Aigui
Choreography: Anastasia Kadruleva, Artem Ignatiev

«All of us are a little bit horses” – is a famous sentence of the XXth century Russian poet V. Mayakovsky.

Ballet “Eguus” (horse – in Latin) is an insider view of recent dancers, today’s choreographers on the life of the ballet dancers – on hard, everyday, exhausting, “horse” work. Sometimes – with an irony, sometimes – with a sympathy.

Another well-known phrase is remembered too – “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” World already knew this feeling while reading the book with the same name by Horace McCoy and watching the movie by Sydney Pollack. “Ballet Moskva” is glad to present new reading of this feeling – in a language of dance.


Choreography:  Kirill Simonov
Music:  Pavel Karmanov
Set design: Emil Kapelush
Costume designer: Stephanie von Graurock
Light design: Tadas Valeika

Choreography:  Anastasia KadrulevaArtyom Ignatiev
Music:  Alexei Aigui
Set design: Emil Kapelush
Costume designer: Stephanie von Graurock
Light design: Tadas Valeika




2 Responses to MEDEA/EQUUS

  1. Только что вернулся из Ц.Мейерхольда, смотрел Медея+Эквус – захватывающее зрелище, удивительная, интересная пластика, ни одного пустого мгновения, как в Медее, так и в Эквусе. Великолепна Л.Доксомова, особое ей спасибо. И все-таки Эквус захватил больше, особенно массовыми сценами, удивительной их цельностью при большом разнообразии, иногда четкой и красивой геометрией вроде бы в хаосе. Я не прибалетный человек, но стечение обстоятельств в этом году завело меня в Большой на Нуриева сначала, а потом и на Анну Каренину. Замечательные балеты, много интересных находок, особенно во втором, но там необязательные для меня сцены были, а вот Медею+Эквус принял, как говорится, на одном дыхании, скажу больше – напереживался. Я не знаю толком, кому я пишу, но если балету Москва, то спасибо, дорогие, и даже большое. Да, еще – музыка была хороша, особенно живая Айги – выразительная и “слиплась” с движением.

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