Slavna Martinovic

Costume Designer

Славна Мартинович

Slavna Martinovic was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1977. As a child she moved to Hong Kong where grew up and completed high school. Slavna studied at the London College of Fashion and after she graduated in 1997 she returned to Hong Kong where she started her freelance career as a stylist and make up artist. She moved in 1999 to Los Angeles where she worked as stylist, make up artist and costume designer in music and film industry, with stars like Chloe Sevigny, Famke Janssen, Dougray Scott, Daniela Amavia, Tory Spelling, Pink, Usher, Aerosmith, A perfect circle, Deadsy, Orgy, Travis and others. She also through her career collaborated with many fashion magazines W, Harpers Bazaar, Flaunt, Contents, Cosmopolitan, US weekly, Marie Claire, Soma.

She designed costumes for many featured films like “Beautiful now”, “The woman every men wants”, “Connecting dots”, “Big top winkle”, “Awakening from dead”, “Seven and a half” as well as theatre plays “The Graduate”, “God of Carnage” to name a few. In 2001, she was nominated for “Best make up in a music video” by the MVPA in Los Angeles. She was awarded “Zlatna Mimoza” for “Best costume” in a movie “Seven and a half” at the Film festival in Herceg Novi. In 2007 she started her fashion line creating limited edition hand crafted and finished luxury garments, accessories and jewelry.