Ascon de Nijs


Аскон де Нейс

Ascon de Nijs graduated as scenographer from the Royal Academy of fine Arts in the Hague in 1992.
After a long search for artistic soulmates he founded in 1998 Guy Weizman and Roni Haver while they were all three still working at the Galili Dance company in Groningen. Since that time Ascon made all the stage designs for them which have a wide variety of playfullness, rough and wild designed images to empy spaces with clean images. But always with a clear handwriting of their own.
Besides his work for Guy & Roni de Nijs works with modern choreographers as Leine Roebana, Andre Gingras and Arthur Rosenfeld. He also cerates musical shows, stage plays and opera’s.
Next season he will make among others A private Odyssey with Tanzcompagny Mainz and Club Guy & Roni and Viago a Reims with the Dutch National Opera.