Régis Obadia


Режис Обадиа

Régis Obadia, a famous French stage director and choreographer, is fairly well known in Russia. More than ten years ago he came to Moscow for the first time as a dancer and choreographer to show Muscovites his duo, called “Welcome to Paradise”, as well as several dancing-movies. In the spring of 2004 there took place the premiere of “The Sacred Spring”, staged by Régis Obadia at ‘Moskva’ Russky Kamernyi Balet (Moscow Russian Chamber Ballet Theatre) in collaboration with the Gosudarstvennyi Teatr Natzyi (State Theatre of Nations). His success was more than obvious: the production brought him a prestigious Golden Masque Prize. Further he also directed “Idiot” at Russki Akademicheski Malyi Teatr (RAMT), the comments that followed being very controversial: no one doubted Maestro’s talent, but the very idea of rendering the plot of F. Dostoyevsky’s great novel by means of modern dance called heated discussions. However, it was for that work that Régis Obadia was awarded Chaika Prize in Make a Step nomination.