Parade of premieres in theatre Ballet Moscow continues! Next thing is FROZEN LAUGH! Austrian choreographer Chris Haring and a musician Andreas Beger research a wonderful phenomenon, one of the most curious human's emotions – laugh. What is laugh? Joyful reaction, manipulation or protection method? To demonstrate research's results the creators appeal to tableaux vivants (vivid pictures) – frozen sculptures. Tickets are already ... Read more.

Premiere! OP ART

Attention, please! It is already one month before theatre Balet Moskva premiere OP ART! You could see contemporary dance performance created by Dutch choreographers, prize winners of Golden Mask 2013 at 24, 25, 26 April in the Meyerhold Theatre Centre. OP ART is not just a game with sphere interchange, lines and cut-offs. OP ART is also a game with reality, human ... Read more.
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