CAMERA is danced by 7 talented artists. Five of them are acting dancers of Balet Moskva contemporary dance company (Irina Lobkova, Roman Andreikin, Stanislav Shmelin, Alexandra Rudik and Polina Pshindina) and two dancers were invited by Ann Van den Broek after a very tough audition (Ilya Shaburov, Ilya Nikuriv).

Balet Moskva contemporary dance company is one of the leading contemporary dance casts in Moscow. Its dancers are regularly invited by Russian and European choreographers into various projects.

All of the dancers are not just professionally trained in the area of contemporary dance, they all have vast performance experience and dramatic talent.

Together these 7 dancers create  a perfect team of absolutely different characters and make their personal and professional input into CAMERA piece.

The ensemble is crowned by the presence of a professional musician – Gennadiy Lavrentiev – whose guitar improvisation makes the piece a complete work of contemporary performing art.

Age 12+


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