Contemporary dance performance.


The Meyerhold Theatre Centre

  • 08.12.18
  • 20:00

Duration: 1 h 10 min 
Tickets: 600-1500 rubles
Age 16+


Frozen Laugh plays with the alienation of the body from itself and its environment, with frozen emotions and left-over expressions. It is a moving body-installation that deals with the side effect of laughing. In every culture a laugh has the connotation of happiness but it’s actually also very close to crying, screaming, smirking or other expressions. Often, it is used as a mask to protect or manipulate.

Laughing involves more than a hundred muscles and is therefore one of the most absurd dance-moves of the human body.

This work dives deeply into visual art and plastic art and is mainly inspired by the classical tradition of tableaux vivants. In Frozen Laugh these living pictures are brought into movement, but in order to intensify the impressions, we extend or repeat the actions and expressions through technics of looping, slow motion or cut-ups, as they are used in  stop motion pictures or in minimal music. In almost every real sculpture there is a hidden metaphor – and it manifests itself through the effect of freezing. This retention of time intensifies the character of the sculpture or changes it into the opposite.


Chris Haring

Chris Haring

Chris Haring is and austrian dancer and choreographer. Worked with choreographers and companies such as DV8 Physical Theatre (London), Nikolais/Luis Dance Cie (USA), man act (GB), Nigel Charnock (GB), pilottanzt, a.o. In cooperation with multimedia artist and composer Klaus Obermaier he developed the video-dance performances D.A.V.E. and VIVISECTOR which have been successfully shown all over the world. One of his main influences for his performances, such as Fremdkörper (Best Performance at Biennale de La Danse in Lyon 2004) is science fiction and the human body as a cybernetic landscape. In 2005 he founded Liquid Loft together with Andreas Berger, Thomas Jelinek and Stephanie Cumming. As the artistic director of Liquid Loft, he choreographed performances such as Kind of Heroes (ImPulsTanz / Burgtheater Wien 2005), Running Sushi (ImPulsTanz 2006), Talking Head (Tanzquartier Wien 2010) and the Perfect Garden Series (since 2011). In 2007 the Posing Project Series was created and Posing Project B – The Art of Seduction won the Golden Lion for the Best Performance at the Biennale di Venezia. In 2013 Chris Haring received the outstanding artists award for performing arts from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Arts (BMUKK). With Liquid Loft he was responsible for the opening performance for the Austrian Pavilion at the World EXPO in Zaragoza (2008). Lately, he has also choreographed pieces for international groups such as the Jin Xing Dance Theatre (Shanghai), Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo, Dialogue Dance (Russia) and Staatstheater Kassel.


Андреас Бергер

Andreas Berger

Andreas Berger is an austrian musician and composer. Based in Vienna. Since 2003 two releases as glim: music for fieldrecordings (2003), aerial view of model (2006) both on karate joe and headz. Work for theatre, film and contemporary dance. Member of the performance company Liquid Loft. Other projects: Contour (together with Lars Stigler), Charmant Rouge. Also collaborations with Yasuhiko Fukuzono (aus), Daniel Lercher, Peter Kutin, Martin Siewert, Michaela Grill, Ralo Meyer, WR, manoa free university, Mara Mattuschka.


Томас Йелинек

Thomas Jelinek

Thomas Jelinek is a stage director, dramaturge, video- installation- and concept artist. Born in Stockholm. He has created video- and other installations, music performances, architectural projects and also works as a director in tv-productions and as a curator. In this context he realized a number of east-west connecting transdisciplinary art projects. One focus of his artistic work is on space and perception, resulting in installations of contextual spaces and conceptional communication scopes which create performative qualities. Interventions in public spaces and production of discourse zones as theatrical processes as well as stage-design and light-concepts for theatre and art spaces are part of his work.

As a stage director he has realized various performance, opera and theatre projects in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and France and has worked as a dramaturge for various dance productions. He was co-founder and director of MESSING network. From 2000-2008 he was chairman of IG Kultur Vienna (association of independent artists and cultural organizations/Vienna). In Vienna, he founded NOMAD theatre in 2000 and the LABfactory in 2003, where he is artistic director. He is co-founder and member of Liquid Loft. He has been teaching amongst others as guest professor at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.


Видео о спектакле

Choreography: Chris Haring (Austria)
Music: Andreas Berger (Austria)
Light designer: Thomas Yelinek (Sweden-Austria)
Performing: contemporary company

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