Времена года

Rethinking of music by modern composer Vladimit Martynov

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes, no intermission
Ticket price: 600-2000 rubles
Age 12+


The idea of this project belongs to modern classic, composer Vladimir Martynov. He is a composer, thinker, writer, historian, expert in ancient and modern music. It is thanks to Leonid Desyatnikov and Vladimir Martynov people sometimes realise that nowadays serious academic music still exists. Martynov is known by his co-work with Jury Liubimov and Anatoly Vasiliev who staged his Jeremiah’s Lamentations and Mozart and Salieri.

Vladimir Martynov finished his work on 4 Seasons not so long ago. This piece is based on the Antonio Vivaldi’s same-name concerts , Bach’s prelude, Mendelson’s overture and Pärt’s canun. In Martynov’s score is referred not to the change of seasons, but to the change of periods in concert composer music history. Moreover, every season is performed by a concrete composer. Vivaldi is spring, Bach – summer, Mendelson – autumn, Pärt – winter.  So,  the performance resembles a play different styles and techniques and also reflects culturological concept of Martynov. This concept is presented in the book The End of the Time of Composers.

4 Seasons is the project where music is live. A wonderful Tatyana Grindenko and ensemble Opus Posth are responsible for this. Ensemble’s creative work is based on Martynov’s conception , which explains both the title of the performance and modern cultural situation. Opus Posth musicians try to create new musical history and new musician space. Ensemble’s stylistic unites different traditions of performing: authentic, avant-garde, archaic folklore.

Opus Posth changes traditional relationships between artist and public. That’s why musicians bring rituality of consecrated music to non-ritual space of secular concert. As a result new cooperation is born between stage and audience. Spectators are not just consumers and observers. They transform into participants of ritual act. Musicians appearance contributes to this process significantly. They play in special costumes and masks. And this brings musical process to transpersonal level. Opus Posth musicians exceed the limits of pure music, brings theatre, painting and poetic elements to their ideas.


Кирилл Симонов

Kirill Simonov

Kirill Simonov was born in Petrozavodsk in 1975. Graduated from the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet in 1995 (class of Vladilen Semenov) as well as the Academy’s choreography department (course of Professor Belsky). Joined the Mariinsky Theatre in 1995.

Prize-winner at the Vaganova Prix competition in 1998.
Prize-winner at the Fyodor Lopukhov Choreography Competition in 1999 (Special Jury Prize for best musical decision for While You Were Asleep to music by Arvo Part).
At the Mariinsky Theatre he has performed the following roles: Swan Lake (Jester), Romeo and Juliet (Jester), Nutcracker-doll (Simonov and Chemiakin?s staging of The Nutcracker), the Dance of the Jesters (The Legend of Love), Bandit (Roland Petit?s Carmen) and The Four Seasons Divertissement: Autumn (Alexei Ratmansky?s staging of Cinderella).
At the Novosibirsk Theatre of Opera and Ballet he staged the ballet Sonata to music by Scarlatti as well as the dances for Poulenc’s opera La Voix humaine.
At the Mariinsky Theatre he has staged the dances for Giuseppe Verdi?s Otello, directed by Yuri Alexandrov (2001), the one-act ballet Come in! and two ballets based on works by E. T. A. Hoffmann together with Mihail Chemiakin (costumes, sets and staging) – The Nutcracker (2001) and Princess Pirlipat, or Worthiness Punished (2003).
His ballet Madame Lionelli to music by Gavin Bryars and John Adams was premiered at the Albert Hall, London, in 2003. In 2004, he staged the ballet Pulcinella to music by Stravinsky for the Novosibirsk Theatre of Opera and Ballet. In 2004, he staged the dances for Poulenc?s opera La Voix humaine for the Karelia Musical Theatre (Petrozavodsk).

Анастасия Кадрулёва

Anastasia Kadruleva

Anastasia Kadruleva is a talented, extraordinary young choreographer. Graduated from Buryat Republic Choreographic College, danced in the State Academic theatre under the charge of B.J.Eifman (Saint-Petersbourg). Began her career as a ballet artist, but always was interested in contemporary dance. Studied modern, jazz, contemporary dance and fly low, contact improvisation and partnering, afro dance, swing, Gram and Cunningham technique, release technique, Alexandera and body-mind centering, analyse system of Laban dance, Pilates method, improvisation and yoga, tai thi and capoeira. Worked with Iguan theatre. Studied under the charge of the leading teachers of contemporary dance: Bill Yang, Eric Buan (USA), Julian Gamilton (Spain), Russel Malifant (Great Britain).

In 2008 graduated from Russian Ballet Academy named after A.J.Vaganova in a degree with a choreographer/ballet master, G.Aleksidze course. Anastasia continues movement and dance researches. She also works a lot with improvization


Choreographers: Kirill Simonov, Anastasia Kadruleva, Artem Ignatiev
Music: Vladimir Martynov
Ensemble Opus Posth under the direction of Tatyana Grindenko
Set design, costume design: Jenny Nordberg (Sweden-Denmark)
Lightt design: Tadas Valeika (Lithuania)
Performing: classic company

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