Contemporary dance performance!


The Meyerhold Theatre Centre


1 hour without intermission

Ticket price:

400 - 1500 rubles





OP ART is the first co-project of the theatre Ballet Moscow and choreographers Guy Weitzman and Roni Haver. In December 2013 within the frames of Contemporary dance festival TsEKh their performance Alpha Boys delighted audience. And earlier they won the prestigious Russian Golden Mask Award in 2013 in the category “Best Choreographer” for their L’Histoire du Soldat.

Where is the borderline between illusion and reality? How don’t lost in labyrinth of your subliminal? Can we claim that human’s world is real? It’s not a big secret that people are tend to make up things which don’t really exist. People themselves are the source of their illusions. And they believe that their illusions are the very reality. So op art was born. Conflict between real form and optical is the principle of op art. And this very principle works in real life too. Sometimes people mistake the wish for the reality, and vice versa. New work of Dutch contemporary dance headliners and contemporary cast of the theatre Ballet Moscow is about unreal reality and even about real unreality.


Гай Вайцман и Рони Хавер

Guy Weitzman and Roni Haver

Guy Weizman and Roni Haver are both Israeli choreographers living and working in the Netherlands. They focus on contemporary subjects with the aim to inspire, confront and touch the audience. The recurring theme in their work is personal liberation. After their start in the Bat Sheva Ensemble in Tel Aviv they worked and inspired themselves with different dance groups in Berlin, Barcelona and Brussels.

As dancers they have worked with:

Bat Sheva Ensemble in Tel Aviv – Ohad Naharin
Tolada Dance company in Berlin – Josef Tmim
Lanonima Imperial in Barcelona – Juan Carlos Garcia
Ultima Vez in Brussels – Wim Vandekeybus
Galili Dance in Amsterdam/Groningen- Itzik Galili

Club Guy & Roni was founded in 2001. Devoted to the work of Roni Haver and Guy Weizman, the Club creates and tours several productions, all produced by Grand Theatre Groningen. Club Guy & Roni is a collaborating force, which brings together dancers and other artists from around the world to create a melting pot of ideas.Club Guy & Roni has become a popular guest at international festivals in, among others – Rome, Tallin, Aarhus, Marseille and Lausanne. In the summer of 2007 they performed at the prestigious American Jacob’s Pillow Festival, the Grec Festival in Barcelona, the Schlossfestspiele in Ludwigsburg and at Oerol Festival on Terschelling island.

Haver and Weizman create mysterious, seductive and dynamic dance performances that deal with contemporary topics. The dance vocabulary is innovative, raw and exciting.


Саша DZA

Sasha DZA

Sasha Dza is an electronic music producer from Moscow, Russia. As one of the first in Russia to begin experimenting with a new form of instrumental hip-hop, he has been perhaps the most prominent face of a genre that is swiftly carving out its own niche in the world beatmaking scene.  He is the founder of the well-know Russian musical community How2make Crew, which has organized crazy parties in the most unusual places, staged what could be the world’s first successful “hip-hopera” and toured throughout Russia and Europe.

After being selected to participate in the 2010 Red Bull Music Academy in London, he signed record deals with Error Broadcast and the Bristol-based label Black Acre. A cassette-only version of his now-legendary beat tape Five-Finger Discount was released by Error Broadcast last year, and Black Acre has issued a 12” featuring Sasha, fellow Moscow musician Mujuice and L.A.-based rapper Non Genetic.

For such a short musical career, Sasha has proven himself to be extremely prolific, producing countless tracks of his own on a daily basis and doing remixes for a variety of artists — from American and Russian underground rappers to the British heavyweight Hudson Mohawke.
Dza was also prominently featured in last year’s extensive feature about the new Moscow electronic scene on the famous American music site Pitchfork.com. electronics.


Славна Мартинович

Slavna Martinovic

Slavna Martinovic was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1977. As a child she moved to Hong Kong where grew up and completed high school. Slavna studied at the London College of Fashion and after she graduated in 1997 she returned to Hong Kong where she started her freelance career as a stylist and make up artist. She moved in 1999 to Los Angeles where she worked as stylist, make up artist and costume designer in music and film industry, with stars like Chloe Sevigny, Famke Janssen, Dougray Scott, Daniela Amavia, Tory Spelling, Pink, Usher, Aerosmith, A perfect circle, Deadsy, Orgy, Travis and others. She also through her career collaborated with many fashion magazines W, Harpers Bazaar, Flaunt, Contents, Cosmopolitan, US weekly, Marie Claire, Soma.

She designed costumes for many featured films like “Beautiful now”, “The woman every men wants”, “Connecting dots”, “Big top winkle”, “Awakening from dead”, “Seven and a half” as well as theatre plays “The Graduate”, “God of Carnage” to name a few. In 2001, she was nominated for “Best make up in a music video” by the MVPA in Los Angeles. She was awarded “Zlatna Mimoza” for “Best costume” in a movie “Seven and a half” at the Film festival in Herceg Novi. In 2007 she started her fashion line creating limited edition hand crafted and finished luxury garments, accessories and jewelry.

Всеволод Таран

Vsevolod Taran

Vsevolod Taran is a visual designer. He was occupied in different theatre projects: The Golden Cockerel (The Bolshoi Theatre), Black Song (Khanty-Mansiysk Theatre Ob-Ugric peoples the Sun). As an independent visual designer worked on the following performances: Zoikin’s apartment (The Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre),  The Sorceress opera (The Bolshoi Theatre), ON/OFF (educational stage, The Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre), The Malakhite Casket (Perm Opera and ballet Theatre), Electra (Theatre of Nations). Worked on the opening of Festival of Circus Direction-2012. Participated in Multimedia projects festival Plums Fest in Artplay with installation Mediarea and in Media festival (Platform project, 2012). In The Meyerhold Theatre Centre he participated in creation of performances Alice and State, Fundamentalists. 

Аскон де Нейс

Ascon de Nijs

Ascon de Nijs graduated as scenographer from the Royal Academy of fine Arts in the Hague in 1992.
After a long search for artistic soulmates he founded in 1998 Guy Weizman and Roni Haver while they were all three still working at the Galili Dance company in Groningen. Since that time Ascon made all the stage designs for them which have a wide variety of playfullness, rough and wild designed images to empy spaces with clean images. But always with a clear handwriting of their own.
Besides his work for Guy & Roni de Nijs works with modern choreographers as Leine Roebana, Andre Gingras and Arthur Rosenfeld. He also cerates musical shows, stage plays and opera’s.
Next season he will make among others A private Odyssey with Tanzcompagny Mainz and Club Guy & Roni and Viago a Reims with the Dutch National Opera.

Вилл Фрикен

Wil Frikken

Wil Frikken is a light designer. Since 1990 working as a technician in the Grand Theatre in Groningen, Netherlands. Since 2007 works as a technical director of the same theatre.
Throughout this twenty years starting a second career as a lightdesigner specialised in modern dance.
Since 2001 started working with Club Guy&Roni, touring with them and made my first lightdesign for them. Since that time involved in all there productions, and became there steady lightdesigner.


Choreography: Guy Wetzman and Roni Haver (Netherlands)
Music:Sasha Dza
Costume designer:Slavna Martinovich (Serbia-Germany)
Set designer: Ascon de Nijs (Netherlands)
Light designer: Wil Frikken (Netherlands)
Video art:Seva Taran
Performing:contemporary company

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