Neoclassical ballets on music by Boris Tchaikovsky and Jury Abdokov

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Nearest performances



The ZIL Culture Centre


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ARCHITECTURE OF SOUND is an exclusive theatre Balet Moskva project, within its frames we are going to create series of works in the neoclassical ballet genre. Young but very bright and talented choreographers are invited to participate in this project. Key point is a work with musical content of the leading composers of XX-XXI. Key task is to put together the very best music and dance works created by our contemporaries. We present performances which expand significantly classical frames of musical and choreographic synthesis in contemporary ballet theatre.

The project is opening by the evening of symphonic ballets directed by Konstantin Semenov and Kirill Radev on music by Boris Tchaikovsky and Jury Abdokov.

I part

Konstantin Semenov’s production is created on music by Boris Tchaikovsky (1925-1996) and his Concerto for piano and orchestra which is one of the most significant chef-d’oeuvres of instrumental music of XX.  It is the first time when this great music with its fantastic and cosmogonical symbolic is interpreting on the stage. You should be desperately courageous to go through the labyrinth by the way of finding the light together with a genius composer. Choreographer and Balet Moskva artists do it and propose the audience entering the labyrinth of light, pain, love to see and feel that inexplicable and  beautiful which usually hide behind the skyline.  And this makes the distance between earth and sky not so shadowy but haptical…

In Labyrinth they use unique record of Concerto, where Boris Tchaikovsky himself solos.

АРХИТЕКТУРА ЗВУКА: Лабиринт // SOUND ARCHITECTURE: Labyrinth from BaletMoskva on Vimeo.

II part
Fall prayer, Birds in the rain, On the edge of melting and ice

Kirill Radnev’s choreographic triad on music by outstanding contemporary composer Jury Abdokov (1967) who is one of Boris Tchaikovsky few followers. This musical and choreographic reflection about life and death, eternal and unguessed. High purity of precious musical scores is a main plot of the ballet where sound, plastic and stage lighting are three indivisible hypostasis of confession voiced by dance…

Capella Russian Conservatory, one of the brightest chamber orchestras in Russia, directed by Nikolay Chodzinsky performs music of Three Poems.

АРХИТЕКТУРА ЗВУКА: Три поэмы // SOUND ARCHITECTURE: Three poems from BaletMoskva on Vimeo.

Music: Boris Tchaikovsky
Choreography: Konstantin Semenov
Costume design: Slavna Martinovitch (Serbia-Germany)
Light design: Louis Perdiguero (Spain)
Media design: Rebeca Visente Arnaldos (Spain)
Performing: classic company

Music: Jury Abdokov
Choreography: Kirill Radev
Costume design: Slavna Martinovitch (Serbia-Germany)
Light design: Louis Perdiguero (Spain)
Media design: Rebeca Visente Arnaldos (Spain)
Performing: classic company




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